FYI—On comments

August 3, 2008

I just want to make sure that people are aware that my spam filter may be filtering comments before I even get to see them.  I have caught two just by accident that I think should have been kept and kept them.  But, the spam filter does not seem to hold them very long for my consideration.  So if you have posted a comment that did not make it up on the site, I am sorry…but I did not do it on purpose.  It means I did not see it at all.  I am going to have to figure out if there is a setting for how long the spam filter holds the comments or something….if someone knows, please let me know.

Thanks for your support


As nervous as a new mom

January 17, 2009

So I am heading out to visit relatives this weekend.  I am going with my folks.  My daughter is going too.  So why am I nervous?  Because this means that I am leaving my grandfather in the hands of my crazy aunt and looney uncle.  Yes, the aunt from England is visiting and the uncle who is becoming a priest is here to see her.  To make things even more fun they are going out tonight and leaving my grandfather with a “sitter” cause they have plans.  I already know that my uncle believes that my grandfather just needs to be up in his wheelchair more and that will keep him awake and engaged better-it will not.  All it will do is make or aggravate sores that he already has.  My grandfather is 91 and tired.  And my uncle seems to think that the old man is going to live to be 150.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not want my grandfather to be going downhill, but I also believe in being realistic.  And allowing my grandfather to call the shots.  My grandfather has told me that he was getting annoyed at my uncle not understanding and letting him have a say, even if the answer was I don’t want to do this.  I mean seriously how much should a man in his 90’s have to go through?

Anyway, I am going to try and have a good time this weekend and not worry too much.  There isn’t anything I can do until I get back

But where should they go?

January 11, 2009

OK, maybe I am just a bit slow, but I really don’t understand how Israel can truly think that it is justified in what it is/has been doing with Gaza.  And how they think the rest of the world is just going to fall in line and just agree with them.  I heard an interview with someone today that seemed to be a spokesperson for Israeli actions who said that they have dropped some leaflets and they try and call the buildings before they bomb them to get the civilians to leave.  Ya know cause there is no way that a Hamas guy would be answering the phone or picking up one of those leaflets.  But anyway, my big question is even if the people leave their apartment building so that it can be BLOWN UP!!!!!  Where do they go from there?  It isn’t like they get to leave Gaza and start a new life somewhere else.  They are still trapped in that hell with no food, water or power.  And now no home because it was BLOWN UP!!!!!

And no I am not saying that everyone in Gaza is a saint, but I am saying that if you treat people like caged animals for long enough they will turn on you

Well I tried

January 3, 2009

Just got the email telling me that I did not get accepted to write for the newspaper here.  Oh well, guess it was not to be.  I did try though so I guess that counts.

Maybe next time right?

So Dubya kept the country safe, huh?

January 2, 2009

So Chimpy McFlight Suit just keeps saying that he has kept our country safe from attack even though we all know that the only attack on an actual US state has been on his watch.  And the only attack in the last 60 years on US soil(unless you count embassies-but that is grasping at straws there) has been on his watch.  But yeah he kept us safe.  Anyway, didn’t all he do was ramp up the already fairly fevered pitch against Muslims in this country?  I remember very clearly that when Oklahoma City happened that it was put out that they were looking for 2 muslim/arab(middle eastern) men even though the composite drawings looked NOTHING like that description.  I lived in Manhattan KS at the time and the mosque there was defiled.  And who was it that blew up that building?  That’s right, 2 of the whitest white guys ever.  One of them was a good old Kansas boy.  The other had been a soldier at Fort Riley which is how he met the Kansan.

So why am I rehashing all of this you ask.  This poor family that was harassed for doing nothing more than teaching their children.  If my husband and I took our two kids on that same flight and had had that exact same conversation I would bet that we would not have gotten a second look.  Yes I am white.  There you have a clue about the ferret. 🙂

But then to add insult to injury the airline had to be super retarded.  What is it about local airline staff?  It always takes corporate to come out laterto say “Well they never should have done that.”  I would guess it has to do with them getting caught.  But seriously if the FBI told you that some should get on a flight wouldn’t you say “OK?”  Just saying.

Seriously isn’t this the 21st Century?

Once they knew there was a problem…..

December 20, 2008

Seriously?  Say it with me…Isn’t this the 21st Century?  How the hell do you not know that there is going to be a problem with putting up a billboard in your  “non-revenue space” that promotes “Fixing the gays/becoming an ex-gay?” I mean it is one thing to sell space, but to give away FREE space?  No I am not advocating ex-gayness.  Nor do I think that anyone should believe that crap.  But people also believe that Anna Nicole Smith was a good person to listen to for diet advice, but at least she got paid for that.  It wasn’t like she was doing free public safety announcements telling you take the crap that she says she took.  This company chose to put this billboard up in it’s free zone.  But even more than that these assholes back up their claims of being great guys who did NOTHING wrong and didn’t mean to harm or offend anyone.  No they didn’t know there would be any trouble at all, I mean they support plenty of gays and their causes.  “They also told us they have supported numerous gay sponsored activities in the past including Aidswalk.”  Because this is still 1984 and AIDS only affect gay men!  What the mother fuck!

They can’t be bigots, some of their best causes are gay!

Further thoughts about consent

December 19, 2008

I have given this some further thought and I find myself wondering about the actual person involved.  Not the creep that did this because no matter what he had a position of power and I would still contend that this was probably wrong on his part.  But for the woman, when did she suffer this brain damage?  Does she know what she is missing out on adult lifewise?  I mean truly know?  Did she have a full life before the damage happened?  Maybe she had a husband  or partner who then could not deal with the stress or was just a jerk that ran out.  Oh yeah like that never happens….Mr McCain.  Anyway, if she retained any of that while she is trapped with most people believing that she only has the abilities of a 3 year old, imagine how maddening that would be.

Of course on the other hand if people are trying to say that just because she was x number of years old and had experienced these things in life before she had the damage that means she would retain the knowledge and the capability to consent, when in fact that part all got scrambled or erased how awful does that make them?  Seriously?  Can you imagine if you had no idea what was happening when someone was sexually assaulting you and then you get told that not only did you know, but you knew enough to say YES?  And that you knew because you knew before your head got fucked up?  How fucked up are these people?

Wow I have gotten myself all pissed off again.

Do you think 3 year olds can consent?

December 18, 2008

No, no one does.  So how about an adult with the mental abilities of a 3 year old?  You say No?  Well you would be WRONG in the State of Kansas.  Apparently if you are an adult with brain damage that puts at the level of a 3 year old that then knows that it is wrong to have sex and that you should say no then you should have said no and therefore you consented by not saying no.  Makes sense right?  Of course it doesn’t.  This is so beyond fucked up it isn’t even funny.  This is a case where a nurse’s aide sexually assaulted a woman while he had power over her because he so obviously was the one in charge, like a parent or teacher.  But he is going to get away with this because someone has decided that because this was an adult she should have known to say no, even though doctors have said she has the mental ability of a 3 year old.  But now the damned doctors are saying that she is an adult and grown up enough.  How fucked up are these people?

This law needs to be changed!  There is no way that we can allow this to keep happening.  This is a person who was in power over another human being.  Who did NOT have the knowledge, strength or whatever it was that she needed to fend this asshole off.  I mean we are blaming the victim here.  Isn’t this the 21st Century?  Do we say that a 3 year old is to blame for not telling on daddy when he tells them that he will kill them or mommy if they ever tell anyone?  NO WE DON”T!!!!!!!  Maybe this asshole did something like that!  Or maybe she just didn’t understand at all, at least until he HURT HER!!!!!!!

I am so far beyond pissed off by this it is not even funny.  I have to figure out who to call and write in the real world to get this FIXED!  Cause this is truly FUCKED UP

So what’s in a name?

December 17, 2008

I know I am not the first person to write about this, but I feel like I have to add my 2 cents worth in.  Wow these asshats really take the cake as it were.  Seriously, you are going to name your kid Adolf Hitler Whatever and think that nobody is gonna have a problem with that?  I do hope they are planning on home schooling cause their kids are gonna get the ever lovin snot beat out of them otherwise.  And no it isn’t right, but holy crap!  How the hell do you do that to your own kid?  And we make fun of the celebs naming their kids Apple and Bronx.  At least they have the good sense not to name them after mass murders.  Maybe we should get some of the New Zealand judges who have started putting their foot down about the awful names parents are coming up with there.  Yes I know you run into censorship issues, but we do have an appeals process in this country.  But Holy CRAP!!! These ASSCLOWNS named one daughter JoyceLynn Aryan Nation, and the other one Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie.  And their older brother is ADOLF HITLER!!!!!!!!  How do you make it through grade school let alone junior high and high school with those names?  I mean even if the girls try and go by just the girly sounding parts of their names you know the other parts will come out…and besides their brother is HITLER!  This is just child abuse pure and simple.  Even if the kids haven’t felt it yet, people already a reving up to hate them.  They already hate/are totally saddened by their parents.  And which is worse?  That the kids come to hate the names that they were given and hate the people who gave them those names?  Or that they come to love those names and possibly everything that those names stand for?  Because it sounds like the second option is a distinct possibility in this case.  I am seriously shuddering at that thought.

Oh and what the fuck is up with the FUCKING WAL-MART that agreed to make that cake?  Holy shit!  I think that the people of whatever fucked up little town it was in Pennsylvania should boycott the Wal-Mart and run it out of town.  Of course I think Wal-Mart should just be run out of town, but this one especially.  If this does not prove how evil and after money Wal-Mart is than I don’t know what will.

Well I just hope someone can save those kids from their parents and from the curse their parents have tried to put on them.


December 15, 2008

So my latest hero is in Iraq.  No it is not a soldier.  Although, I do know what a hard job they have and do respect the people doing the job.  I have even had family there in the military.  I believe right now one is there as a civilian, but not quite sure why.  Anyway, back to my latest hero.  And that would be the Shoe Flinger.  That’s right!  This guy. Seriously how did he manage to get his shoes off that fast and fling both of them before anyone noticed?  This is one of the biggest insults there.  I know he did not blow anyone up…and that is part of the brilliance.  He made his political statement without blowing anyone up.  Dubya can’t seem to do that.  He either blows people or governments up.  He certainly blew ours up didn’t he?  And if you think he didn’t, just think back to what FEMA was like before Brownie and before it became the Federal Evil Money Asses.  It isn’t just the economy he wrecked…he and his buddies wanted you to believe that government didn’t work, so they BROKE IT!!!!!
So I wish more people would fling their footwear or anything else they could find that would send they same message.

“This is a farewell kiss, you dog!”

Doesn’t Whole Foods imply whole food?

December 8, 2008

So I went to Whole Foods today because they carry a couple of things that I have not found at other stores yet.  Like the natural deodorant that I use…Kiss My Face Lavender and a certain brand of acidophilus Pearls.  I wasn’t too thrilled at the thought of going there anyway, but needed those things so was going.  And thought well since I am here anyway I should get one of their smoothies.  They are made with frozen fruit and just a little bit of organic 100% juice.  Or should I say WERE made that way.  I went up to the counter and realized that they no longer listed my favorite…Berry Booglaoo(raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and grape juice) so I told the person it was going to be a minute while I decided because they had changed the menu AGAIN.  This is when she tells me that not only have they gotten rid of my smoothie they stopped using FRUIT!  The smoothies are now made with SYRUP and ice.  Yeah know I had syrup and ice last month…it was called a SNOW CONE!!!!!!!  I mean really how the HELL do you call your store WHOLE FOODS when you don’t use WHOLE FOOD????  I mean I can understand raising the price, but cutting out the FRUIT?!?!?!!!  That is just plain fucked up.  Seriously I am now going to do serious research into finding my products elsewhere and lobbying the stores I go to to carry my products.  Wow these bastards MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

Missing my smoothies